Where has the last 34 weeks gone?…. 15 to go

It is incredible how time flies. Way back in May when I last posted on the blog, the 2019 Derby Exhibition seemed like a long time away now there is only 15 weeks to go and there is still plenty to do.

During this time I have been concentrating on getting some stock completed. With almost 100 wagons to build, paint and weather along with 6 or 7 locos, this has been no small task.

I think that as of today, there are about 20 wagons and 6 locos to complete. Check out the section on Stock for an update of what I have completed to date.

In terms of the layout generally, this is now substantially complete, albeit there is a bit of painting to the front fascia panels, the end fiddle yard board needs painting, the fascia cloth needs sewing up and fitting and the layout sign needs completing. That sounds like a few quick jobs, although I will be sub-contracting out the sewing bit as my skills with such machines are severely limited and I will need my fingers for operating the layout in a few weeks time.

Here are a couple of pictures of the layout with a few bits of stock on.



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