8 Weeks and counting

The clock keeps ticking and the Derby Show on the 11th and 12th May is drawing ever closer. The grass in the garden is starting to grow and I can almost hear the call to get out there and cut it taking me away from valuable modelling time.

The pressure is certainly on now!

Whilst the layout is substantially complete, I have been finishing off the last few bits of preparation on the layout itself and finalising how the cassettes work, sorting out the fascia panels and drapes and making the layout sign.


So whats left to do?

I now have the locos partially detailed with some final bits to do before they are ready for the paint shop – I think I will do these in some form of batch painting to make life a bit easier – hopefully the weather will warm up a bit.

I also have about 10 wagons to weather which again, I can do in a couple of sessions so hopefully that wont take too long.

Then I have the small matter of fitting couplings to about 100 wagons, making sure that they all work and are at the right height.

Finally, I need to test the stock on the layout and make sure that the back to backs are all ok and they run through the trackwork – otherwise there will be a 10 foot static display at the show in may.

Hopefully I will have time to post again before the show to let people know that it is all working!



1 thought on “8 Weeks and counting

  1. Just come accross your layout Splott,looks great, detail etc .I have a layout called Splottlands,Long Dyke Junction ,under construction at the present.


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