Better late than never

I hadn’t realised that it was back in march when I last updated the blog. At that time I was busy getting the layout ready for its debut at the Derby Show at the Roundhouse. Those 8 weeks were a bit of a manic blur as everything needed to be finished off as best as possible.

The show came and went and the layout was very well received. Thank you to all the people who made nice comments about it, these were greatly appreciated. Obviously there were some issues to content with, back to backs, coupling issues and learning how to operate the layout. We ended up with quite along list of things to do, but I guess that this is expected on the first outing!.

IMG_7785.JPG The layout also received several enquiries about attending future shows across the country and hopefully we will be able to present it at some of these in the near future.

We have also taken Splott to its second show. At the end of September, we took the layout to Scaleforum @ Aylesbury having been kindly invited by Terry Bendall. many of the niggles at derby had been ironed out and the layout worked well. Again we received some nice comments from many people – although one person happened to glance into it and was heard to mutter ‘modern shit’ and then stomp off to the next layout. Clearly, you cant please everyone.

With these two shows out of the way, I can turn my attention now to peripheral elements on the layout, which I previously didn’t have time to do, namely lighting and sound elements – things that I don’t really know a great deal about so this will be a valuable learning experience. Hopefully it will add a further dimension to the layout.

Here are a few more pictures of the layout. These were taken with the main lights off.

All being well, the next couple of shows will be Rail 2020 in Netherlands (Feb 2020) and Nottingham (March 2020)

Thanks for reading


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